Dear Equatorian Leaders,

We are writing to you to inform you of yet another displacement in Central Equatoria at the
Lokiri county and the surrounding areas. We urge you to share this message with your fellow
members and friends of Equatoria.
We are collectively mobilizing financial resources to support the displaced persons in Central
Equatoria. The resources will be utilized for supporting the displace by providing them with the
immediate items needed. Your kind response by August 30, 2020, will be appreciated.
We are writing to encourage your members and friends of Equatoria to contribute or donate
financially through one of the options:

  1. Yours Equatorian community City/ Provincial leaders
  2. Directly to ESSCA- Canada through online banking Interac e-transfer
    (; this is a direct auto deposit.
    We encourage you to share this message and call widely. We thank you in advance for your
    continued support.

    For any concerns or inquiry please do not hesitate to email:

    Alex Harun
    President, ESSCA-Canada
    Joseph Luri
    Chairperson, HRC, ESSCA-Canada