ESSCA members perform traditional dances at community events, drawing in large crowds of spectators. The dances are performed by a wide variety of Equatorian groups such as Madi, Acholi, Kakwa, Bari, Muru, Kuku, Nyangwara, Baka, Lotuko, and many more.

ESSCA youth members also participate and showcase more modern cultures they have embraced from the Canadian community.


ESSCA holds annual conferences which often draws people from all over Canada and United States. The conferences are two or three days long and held in different cities across Canada.

Apart from gaining a great insight into the workings of the organization, members also find themselves learning a great deal from many renowned speakers from different leadership positions in South Sudan. The conferences have also helped ESSCA raise some of the funds necessary for the day to day running of the events.


The youth are an important part of ESSCA’s goals. Our leaders have planned various activities to help the Equatorian Canadian youth gain experience, be community oriented, and develop leadership skills.

ESSCA is currently working closely with the youth to develop a media program that will help bring to light some of the issues affecting the community, as well as foster awareness of the current situation in South Sudan.