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Who can join ESSCA?

ESSCA-Canada Membership is open to any individual Equatorian in Canada who identifies with the stated vision and goals of ESSCA-Canada.


Membership Agreement

Membership is open to those Equatorians who are at least 18 years and over.

Members agree to respect and subscribe to the vision, mission, and the constitution of ESSCA-Canada bounds values of ESSCA-Canada.

Members agree to pay monthly fees of $5.00 and support the organization as volunteers serving on various committees.
Members agree to ensure that their contact information is updated at all times.

There are two types of membership: Regular and Associate.

Only registered regular members can vote at general meetings. Voters shall attend respective meetings to be able to vote based on provided information and discussion.

Registration and Payment:
A registration fee is required to join Essca-Canada. The membership fees are as follows:

  • Regular – $20
  • Associate – $20
  • Monthly Fee & Regular Associate – $5