About ESSCA-Canada

ESSCA-Canada is a Not-for-profit Corporation since January 2016 and is governed by Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

It was founded a few years ago and held the inaugural office in July 2015 in Winnipeg.

Mission of ESSCA-Canada is to empower and foster unity among Equatorian South Sudanese in Canada, provide educational, cultural and social support to our members, network to create economic opportunities and strong voice for advocacy as well as to celebrate and recognize our youth.

Vision is to be the best and influential community-based organization for Equatorians and South Sudanese in Canada, where our diverse members live in harmony, united, strong, and thriving.

Respect: we demonstrate self-respect and treat each other respectfully;

Transparency: we are transparent, accountable and result-oriented in all our operations, and our decision making process and handling of public resources will be transparent;

Accountability: we are accountable for what we do and say; and

Diversity: we recognize and respect the diversity in individuals and communities and strive to bring out the best in one another, and we value diversity by creating an inclusive environment that welcomes, celebrates, promotes and nurtures Equatorians cultural heritage.

1. To foster unity and fraternity among Equatorians in Canada;
2. To encourage education and entrepreneurship to reduce poverty in the community;
3. To preserve, promote and raise awareness about our culture and heritage; and
4. To aid and facilitate the resettlement and integration of new South Sudanese Immigrants in Canada.

ESSCA-Canada Bodies

general assembly


Runs the day to day operation of the organization. The president is elected by the general assembly every 3 years. The executive office is formed by the president.


Responsible for overall policy of the organization and comprise of 6 members. The chairman is elected by the general assembly and appoints 4 member plus the president.

Members/General Assembly

Is the supreme body of ESSCA-Canada. Elects the president and chairman of board of directors. Amends and repel the constitution by a 2/3 majority votes ... and more!