Equatorian South Sudanese Association in Canada


ESSCA-Canada is a Not-for-profit Corporation since January 2016 and is governed by Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. It was founded a few years ago and held the inaugural office in July 2015 in Winnipeg.


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Getting Involved

Together we achieve

Becoming a member of ESSCA

As a member of Essca, you become a part of our diverse community of individuals from all walks of life who are there to support us in the day to day running of the organization. We encourage all Equatorians who are at least 18 years of age and over, to join us in this endeavor. Please fill out the form and an ESSCA representative will get back to you.

Making a Donation

ESSCA is involved in many community activities which include; cultural dances, educational conferences, youth activism and humanitarian initiatives outside of Canada. Currently, we are preparing to send over the much needed emergency funds to the IDPs who have been displaced in Equatorian lands in South Sudan….

What we do

Our Services

Cultural Dances

ESSCA is involved in organizing cultural dances amongst the community. Some of our featured dances have been performed by the Acholi, the Kakwa, the Bari, etc

Youth Activities

Essca plans to engage the youth in various activities that promote education and talent growth. Currently, we are planning a media geared event to get the youth active in the community.

Yearly Educational Conferences

Every year, ESSCA organizes a nation-wide conference that brings Equatorians from all walks of life to attend a 2 day event with various speakers and cultural activities.

Humanitarian Initiatives

From time to time, ESSCA will enage in humanitarian activities that promote growth in South Sudan. Currently, we are fundraising to help IDPs in South Sudan.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To empower and foster unity among Equatorian South Sudanese in Canada, provide educational, cultural and social support to our members, network to create economic opportunities and strong voice for advocacy as well as to celebrate and recognize our youth.

Get Involved

You can either support ESSCA CANADA by volunteering your time towards a projects, or by providing monetary contributions towards its humanitarian goals. We appreciate all the help we can get.

Upcoming Events

August 1 - Humanitarian August

All Month ESSCA IDP assistance event – fundraising for those displaced in South Sudan

Sept 15 - Youth Media Event

10am – 12pm We will be organizing youth to participate in a media event


All about Equatoria

About the Equatorian Region of South Sudan

Equatoria is a region of southern South Sudan, along the upper reaches of the White Nile. Originally a province of Egypt, it also contained most of northern parts of present-day Uganda, including Lake Albert. It was an idealistic effort to create a model state in the interior of Africa that never consisted of more than a handful of adventurers and soldiers in isolated outposts.

Canadian Equatorian Community

Many of the Equatorians that came to Canada, escaaped the war that ravaged South Sudan for over 21 years. Majority of the Equatorians settled in the province of Ontario, although we have many in Alberta, British Columbia and most of Western Canada.